Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. All the information you provide to us is confidential. It can only be viewed by members of for the sole purpose of research.

The information you provide falls into two main categories - your contact details and demographic information, e.g. diagnosis, date of birth. We need your contact details in order to provide you with further information about the questionnaire and your progress in this study.

You may ask us to remove your details at any time by emailing the support team.


In common with many other websites, we sometimes use cookies. This involves placing small amounts of information on your PC or other device that allows you to link to information we hold that relates to you. This usually occurs when you 'log in'.

The cookies we generate only contain a random sequence of numbers and letters that allow us to recognise you as you move from page to page. No personal information of any kind is stored.

These cookies only last for as long as you maintain your web browsing session. When you close your browser the information disappears and no information is stored on your PC from one session to the next.

In addition, Google Analytics sets cookies to estimate the number of visitors to the website and volumes of usage. This helps to ensure that we provide a fast service that is available when you want it. See Google's Privacy Policy.

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